An Introduction.

How many people have started a blog and forgot about it after a few posts? Well I’m a  part of that group. This isn’t my first blog and it probably won’t be my last. But as I tried to write this introduction for a fifth time, I started to think about purpose.

What’s the purpose of starting yet another blog? What’s the purpose of combining my writing with other visual work? What’s the purpose of anything I do?

You see, I started university in October.

I had these great expectations about what it would be like. I expected to go through the typical ‘uni experience’. Living off pasta, great nights out, what I assumed would be the best time of my life. Instead I have panic attacks, all nighters in the library and pressure to make the debt worth it.

I felt very isolated for a while and I still do. I guess that’s because no one seems to talk about how disappointing university can be. It’s easy to assume others are having the time of their life, whilst you’re sitting at home miserably. I did eventually find out that some of my classmates felt the same way which was somewhat reassuring.

So I decided to blog again as a form of distraction and more importantly to motivate myself to make something I’m genuinely happy to make.

I’m not quite sure what I’m going to post, or how often. But here’s hoping that I stick to it this time.


2 comments on “An Introduction.

  1. Im really looking forward to reading more of your posts!!!

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