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The Cameras I Use

A lot of my friends always ask me which camera I use, so I decided to make a dedicated post.

A lot of my friends always ask me which cameras I use, so I decided to create a dedicated post.

Canon EOS 120oD

This is an entry level digital camera. The focus is very sensitive so often times I find that the shot isn’t sharp enough. I have been thinking about investing in a better digital camera but as I shoot mostly with film and I am able to borrow cameras from my university,  I may mull over that decision.


Sony Handycam CCD-TR425E

This is a VHS video camera. I’m absolutely obsessed with it and it follows me everywhere. This was given to me from my mum, who actually used this camera to film me and my sister growing up. She loved it so much she brought a second one a few years later. This camera has the perfect grain to sharpness ratio. It’s not too sharp, but the quality is good enough that you can clearly see the subject without loosing that authentic feel. It’s a bit heavy and if you have an old battery it can die pretty quickly, but you can find cheap replacement batteries quite easily.


Canon AE1

This was a gift from my grandma when she found out I was interested in film photography. As a photographer herself she has countless cameras, however she is more interested in digital photography. She decided to give me this camera to experiment with my shots. This camera is a pretty great camera. The shots are great, however mine in particular has a light leak and the focus is unclear through the viewfinder. I enjoy shooting with this but I find the pictures to be a hit or miss. I also find that with the wide angle lens it is simply too heavy to carry around for a large amount of time. I tend to use this purely on occasion.


Canon Sure Shot z135

This camera is my absolute favourite out of the 35mm. Like the Sony Handycam, it was originally my mum’s and it also follows me  everywhere. This is my go to camera as it is adaptable in every situation and takes pretty incredible pictures for it’s small size. It is a point and shoot camera so it has a built in flash, however it has the option to turn it off under an inconspicuous cover. The only fault I would have with this is that if it’s not in a cover it the dial turns on pretty easily, which can waste a lot of the battery if you don’t notice. The screw holding the batteries in also has this problem and I have had many situations where I have had to re-screw it on the pavement with my fingernail. The colouring of the images versus the quality are both incredible.


Olympus Trip 35

This is the newest addition to my camera stash. I haven’t yet developed any film from this so I am yet to decide how I feel about it. This camera feels a little like a mixture of a SLR and a point and shoot. It is both small and light like a point and shoot but with more control over the aperture. It also feels more durable and sturdy. I feel like I would be able to use this in more situations than the Canon AE-1 just because I could keep it around my neck for much longer. (I will be doing a full review of this camera once I use it properly and take some shots)


Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s

The fujifilm Instax polaroid, they are quite a common camera and around half the people I know have one. They’re relatively cheap and not hard to find when you’re looking to buy one. I have stuck to the Instax polaroid rather than an original one, purely due to the access to film. Despite how expensive film is, it’s cheaper (and easier) to buy the Instax film. I feel like it’s hard to go wrong with one of these once you get the hang of the settings – plus it’s pretty difficult to get a bad shot from it.


Kolvex TTL Super 8

I first found out about Super 8 video cameras after watching a video from Adrian Bliss called ‘Super 8 – 2015’. After that I knew I had to buy one. The film and development is pretty expensive, and I by no means recommend it to use regularly. This camera is very much a ‘special occasion’ kind of documenter (unless you’re minted and can afford to spend an extortionate amount). I also haven’t tried this out as I am waiting for my next trip to New York in April, where I know I can buy and develop film much easier and cheaper.


In the next couple of weeks I’ll do an image comparison – where I will take the same shots (on my photography cameras only) to compare the colouring and quality of the shots, so you can get a feel of each camera.

Do any of you guys have any of these cameras and if not, which camera do you have? Let me know what you guys think in the comments.



1 comment on “The Cameras I Use

  1. Thank you so much for this post, I’ve been using my dads old film camera and it’s really hit and miss with the focus, so I’ve been looking for a new one! I’d absolutely love a more detailed review of the photograpy cameras with uploads of pictures taken on them, so I can make a decision! Thanks so much for sharing this x

    PS – I can’t believe you don’t have more followers! 100% mentioning you in the next monthly edit post I do xo


    Liked by 1 person

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