35mm Adventures

Before the Trip.

I wanted to add a little backstory before I went into detail about the adventures I experienced. Kind of like a preface of a book. Except, I’m obviously not planning to write a book’s worth of stories throughout this series of posts. (And I know this part may seem painfully similar to the Callie M.I.A. post, but I promise you I’ll go into more detail).

The flights to Marseille were booked just over a week before the trip was due to begin. A spoke about wanting to go to Paris during her birthday celebrations, and in a slightly drunken haze we spoke about what we would do there. Considering I had never been before, it was strange that I could so vividly imagine what we would experience there. If I had talked about travelling with anyone else other than A or my sister, the plans would have otherwise been in theory, so I knew that some sort of trip would happen.

To say it wasn’t thought through would be an understatement, I mean I barely googled the place before booking a return ticket. It also baffled me how a flight to the south of France (and a travel distance of 790.5 miles) could be cheaper than a return train ticket to Brighton (a distance of 92.4 miles). Had I had realised this a few years earlier, I would have had no doubts that I would have travelled extensively by now.

What was originally meant to be a five day trip somehow evolved into an ever growing list of destinations to be visited. We met up at the apartment and ate red velvet pop tarts whilst scouring the internet for buses or trains, trying desperately not to drop crumbs all over the bed. Notepads out and pens at the ready, we wrote down different combinations of itineraries. Changing dates or times to see if it made the ticket any cheaper. There were a confusing amount of tabs open at any one time comparing different routes and air bnb apartments.

About four hours later we had finished booking train tickets and accommodation, which weirdly felt like a small accomplishment. I hadn’t booked a plane ticket home at this point, but I figured it would be okay to forget about for a few days. Mostly because I couldn’t bare the sight of another comparison sight at that point. Once I actually got around to booking a flight, I went through the google flights explore page which was my first mistake. Considering how impulsive I am I’m surprised I only added 4 cities, and didn’t end up half way across the world.

The first flight was with Ryanair, and considering how strict they can be with luggage I chose to purchase a small carry on bag. I wanted to spend as little on the flight as possible so that I could spend more on food and activities. So I brought a hard shelled baby blue suitcase. I spent a lot of time dwelling over two different bags in the shop. Between the two options I chose to be irresponsible and choose the cute luggage – with less storage. Something I would soon come quick to regret.

I had a week to get myself together in time for the trip – and of course I had left everything to the last minute. I had dyed my hair a weird dark grey the previous night, and had yet to fix this in fears of further damaging it. Of course, knowing me and how many pictures I would inevitably take I knew this was something I couldn’t leave until the last minute to fix. So I poured apple cider vinegar into my hair and hoped for the best. I didn’t exactly anticipate smelling like a salad for the next three days, but I guess that was a small price to pay to make my hair change back to it’s usual colour.

Since our flight was at an awkward time in the morning – my mum was kind enough to drop us off at the airport. Because of this A stayed over at mine the night before. By the time she had arrived I still hadn’t finished packing. I was struggling to get everything into my bag – the first pang of post purchase regret. I managed to close it after sitting on it and pulling for 20 minutes, but eventually the zip popped open. Who needs a gym membership when you have bags to close?

On Monday I will be posting the start of the series starting with Marseille. In the meantime, please tell me your favourite adventure stories in the comments. I love hearing other experiences.


– The featured image are three pictures I took before the flight. I had 4 shots left on a roll and didn’t want to put it through the x-ray. The images mainly consist of point and shoots, in the direction of my bags but I also took two images of me and A. There will be more images  for the rest of this series. –

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