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Churros on the Beach

Before we headed back into town, an impromptu photoshoot occurred. My polaroid was sitting on the coffee table, calling my name.

Before we headed back into town, an impromptu photoshoot occurred. My polaroid was sitting on the coffee table, calling my name. I took some pictures of A around the apartment, and then she took some of me. She took the polaroids – at this point I had used almost two packs, and carefully placed them under magnets on the fridge.

I slipped on my checkered vans and decided to add colour to my face. I had brought some bright eyeshadows from NYX a couple of months before, but I hadn’t yet got up the nerve to put it on. Maybe I felt more daring in Marseille because I knew no one would care if I had unblended yellow eyelids.


Walking back down the stairs, I had that feeling of dread. You know, the one where you know you have to go back up all those flights again. Instead I tried to shift my attention to other things. Like the layers of checked prints or the banister of the stairs. But mostly I was thinking about what I might stumble upon next.

When we left the apartment, I don’t think either of us knew what we were looking for. There were no lists of places we had to go and see. I think I prefer that spontaneous way of viewing a city, it feels like a more genuine way to travel. Again we wandered through the backroads, walking in whichever direction we felt like going in.

IMG_0084IMG_0160For the majority of the afternoon my phone was practically glued to my hand, much to A‘s annoyance. She kept saying how I should “live in the moment”. All I could think is that photography happens to enhance the way I see my surroundings, rather than hindering it. I tend to look at line, shape and light differently.

Passing stalls with fresh oranges and vintage shops with decadent mirrors in the display window, I couldn’t help but snap away. Every time I saw a colourful wall I would thrust my phone in A‘s direction and ask her to take a picture, whilst trying to explain the shot I wanted.


After an hour of walking we decided to head to the beach. Taking our time as we tried to process as much as possible. The weather may have been perfect to stroll in but certainly not for a swim in the sea. That was disappointing considering I had put my bikini on under my outfit, making the flight uncomfortable.

I decided that either way I would still dip my feet into the water. It seemed like a good idea at the time, until I realised that my trousers would inevitably get soaked making the fabric stiffen.


As we got to the beach I was amazed by the sight. The striped mountain and the glassy water, it had been so long since I had been in nature that I almost forgot how fresh it makes you feel. I felt like I had a new pair of lungs that took it’s first breath. There was a renewed sense of energy.

Eventually we moved from the shoreline to some rocks that were nearby and we sat watching the water currents. I decided to climb in between a few of them to see if anything was hidden. All I noticed were a large amount of tiny snail looking creatures sitting on the rock. I also realised that the water managed to get through these gaps and so at any minute I could be a shaggy mess.


I continued to watch the water as A went to buy herself some churros from a food stall. When she got back I ended up eating half of them, which I felt bad about after saying that I didn’t want to get any myself. I tried to be careful when it came to the chocolate sauce since I am generally a clumsy person. Clumsiness, chocolate and a white shirt is never usually a winning combo.


Once we had finished eating, we started to walk again. We walked in the opposite direction hoping to somehow circle our way back to the apartment. We were walking along the coast and I could stop staring at the huge drop into the sea. I found a wall with a ledge that I could just about get my leg over. I decided that I wanted to sit on the edge of the cliff and wait for the adrenaline rush to kick in. A was shouting, asking me not to die whilst I sat there carelessly. I felt so alive in that moment.


We were still walking back as it was getting dark. I felt so hot that I had started to wrap my jumper around my elbows. It took us a while to get back but once we did, I was so shattered that I fell asleep straight away.


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