12 Hours on a Coach.

I want to keep this post quite short and snappy. I want to write about the trip from Marseille to Milan as it is important for the continuing story.

When I woke up the morning we had to leave, my muscles ached as if I had been to an intense gym class. As I decided to be lazy and leave packing until the last minute, I had approximately 10 minutes to pack my things back into the suitcase, tidy up and leave.  A had already got her things together so she went downstairs to the bakery to grab some croissants and baguettes for breakfast.

We practically had to run to the bus station as there wasn’t much time until our bus departed. I lugged behind, stopping every so often to catch my breath. Standing at the bottom of about 50 steps with no other way to get to the bus stop, I dragged my suitcase with what was left of my energy.

Eventually getting to the bus terminal, I sighed in relief. I looked down at my phone making sure that we were on time, but A was nowhere in sight. I tried to connect to the terminal’s internet so that I could call her through Facebook but just as I connected she turned up by the seats. She said she got confused when she looked back and couldn’t see me so she walked across the station.



Finally, I felt relaxed. I tore a piece of the croissant off and stuffed it in my mouth. I thought about how weird it was that there weren’t any other passengers around with only 2 minutes to departure. A spoke to a lady in a box office who said that the bus platform was at the other side of the station. She came back to grab her stuff and raced to find the new stop. I couldn’t carry the baguettes with everything else in my arms so I sadly had to leave them on the passenger benches whilst I trailed behind her.

As we got to the correct bus stop, we soon realised the bus had left. A was very visibly upset which I didn’t know how to react to. I tried to crack a few jokes to make her laugh but by that point she was too flustered. We brought new bus tickets which was arriving in 10 minutes, but this bus stopped in Lyon for a few hours and was scheduled to take a lot longer than the previous one would have.


The bus driver stopped somewhere near Chambery to stretch his legs and get something to eat. Whilst we were waiting to reboard the bus, I decided to walk to the side of the service station to get a better view of the mountains we were surrounded by. I found a stone table and ate BN biscuits, trying to pass some time. At one point I got on the table and started singing High School Musical songs as I felt so bored during the bus ride.

The final stop before Milan was Torino. By this point the bus was pretty much empty, and I managed to rest a little. If I had known how sleepless I would have been in Milan, I definitely would have slept for longer.


p.s. sorry there aren’t many images for this post, I took much more pictures in Milan and they will all be included in the next post.



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