The First Roll of Film

In my first year of college, the focus of the course wasn’t on fashion. Instead we spent time learning about sculpture, painting and photography. At the time I remember thinking about how it was irrelevant and I had completely different ideas of what we should be learning about. Of course now I understand how everything fits together, and I’m happy that I experienced it.

One unit in particular really interested me. We had a project to shoot a black and white tryptic based on London and it had to be shot on film. My class were taught the basic knowledge of how to use the camera and then we were sent out into London to shoot.

Eventually I had the chance to develop my own roll in the small dark room in the college. I thought that I would feel claustrophobic in the black out closet, yet I felt strangely comfortable opening the canister with my only sense being touch.

To cut the story short, after drying the negatives I couldn’t seem to find the strips anywhere. I was disappointed that I didn’t get the chance to look at the pictures I took – considering I don’t remember what I actually took them of. But three years after this unit evolved into a passion, I found the negatives in a pink box stuffed under the bed.

I thought I would post them here. Every shot that came out, the good and the bad all included and all unedited.

IMG_20170506_0001IMG_20170506_0002IMG_20170506_0003IMG_20170506_0004IMG_20170506_0005IMG_20170506_0006IMG_20170506_0007IMG_20170506_0008IMG_20170506_0009 copyIMG_20170506_0009IMG_20170506_0010IMG_20170506_0011IMG_20170506_0012IMG_20170506_0013IMG_20170506_0014IMG_20170506_0015IMG_20170506_0016IMG_20170506_0018IMG_20170506_0019IMG_20170506_0020IMG_20170506_0022IMG_20170506_0023IMG_20170506_0024IMG_20170506_0025IMG_20170506_0026IMG_20170506_0027IMG_20170506_0029IMG_20170506_0030IMG_20170506_0031IMG_20170506_0032IMG_20170506_0033


yellow and pink

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